Brooklyn Raga Massive and a massive storm(?)

I'm in Brooklyn for now, to rehearse and get ready to start playing live more. Hopefully this will also include playing in Philly (and elsewhere) and continuing to work with musicians in both cities; we'll see how it all turns out. This week Tim Daoust and I had a great rehearsal and hopefully it won't be long til we have some shows to tell you about.

Afterwards we headed over to Tea Lounge in Park Slope, because Tim knew about an Indian music jam session happening there run by Brooklyn Raga Massive. I am definitely going to have to keep track of that jam in future, because it attracts some world class Indian musicians. Quite the night of blissful listening, and it brought back memories of some of the music I was listening to when writing my first album. Most especially, the lady below... here's the first song from her gorgeous album Qareeb, which I've listened to many times over.

In other news, a FRANKENSTORMMMM!!! is supposedly headed for the east coast of the USA just in time for Halloween... so I guess I'd better leave this coffeeshop behind and go buy a jug of water or something. Stock up and stay safe, everyone!

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