DIY video! rawrrr

Here are some on-set pics from music video #2 which we've been shooting over the past week or so. I'm working with my friend, dancer and choreographer Darcy Lyons, to shoot and edit this one ourselves. We are using some movement ideas even though this one is not such a "dancey" video.

I won't post many spoilers -- although if you do want to be slightly more spoiled I'll be putting a few more pics on the Fan Exclusives page of my website. 

Here I'm mainly just sharing the beautiful places we've been visiting, plus a few of the things we encountered there. 

Perhaps the most exciting (ominous?) moment was when we came upon this notice:

did he post this? or perhaps he's one of the oligarchs... left behind as a warning

sending Darcy some kind of communication?
it seems she has been converted

Our third day of shooting took place in Valley Forge National Park. Oddly, I've seemed to be following George Washington around for the past year. We did the first photos for the new album in Washington Crossing State Park, and our Philly Fringe Festival shows happened in Washington Square, Philadelphia. Only that last location was chosen for historical relevance but what's up with these mysterious coincidences...

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