drums day 1

We have been doing lots of preproduction for the rest of the songs and now we're finally back recording, yayyyyyy!

Today was all about the big big drums for three different songs that range from jungle-y to jazzy.  We decided to do these three songs first because even though they have different styles they are probably going to share some instruments in common.

First Jeff did that miking magic that he does, to get us a big awesome sound.

overhead mics talking to each other
pillow that Jeff had to deliver out of the bass drum before we started (not out of that string bass, fortunately)

you can see where it came out... its twin is still in there I think

We had to cover a lot of different stylistic ideas in just one session, but Charlie is such a versatile drummer that he gave us lots of cool stuff to choose from.  We only just got started with the third song so we'll come back to that one next time, as well as cutting drums for 2 more songs.  Then we'll be adding other instruments on top of what we got today.

drum gorgeousness

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