new song out now! Spirit of 76 (song for We the People)

It's America's birthday weekend, so what better time to release this new song -- a recorded version of "Spirit of 76 (song for We the People)" that's out today on iTunes, CDBaby and Bandcamp.

This one is a little different from the music I usually write and doesn't really fit with the material for the new album, so I decided to release it as a one-off digital single.  It was originally written to be performed live sometimes in the dance we've been making (We the People) but I thought you guys might like to hear it and I wanted to make a better, recorded version.

It's a simple song expressing hope for the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity to shine through to people everywhere (not just in America).  I hope that you might enjoy it, wherever you are.  And Happy Birthday, America.

Lyrics, music, vocals, cellos, electronics: Lacy James
Cover design: Mereminne Productions
Lacy James photo used by kind permission of Bill Hebert

Liberty Bell photo used by kind permission of Tony the Misfit through Creative Commons

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