yo ho

We're just doing final mix tweaks before sending the album off to mastering, and we decided to add some last minute vocal harmonies to a song. I wanted a reallly low, pirate-y voice so we tried to create it electronically, but that didn't sound quite right. Then remembered -- I know somebody who has that kind of voice.
arrrr ye scallywags
Aye it's me ol' matey Cap'n Jim Gallagher! who produced my first album with me, and was kind enough to come in for a last minute cameo on this one. How did I not think of that right away, after his awesome gorilla luv bvox on my first album?

I'm really hoping to have the first single out next month! but it will just have to take as long as it takes. We have to bring this music to its best before releasing it into the wild. Meanwhile we're also working on video #2... more on that soon.

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